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Remy hair is indian hair that is collected with all cuticies perfectly aligned in the same direction. Actually, because of its wonderful quality, Indian hair does provide the solution but with a more specialized hair harvesting method.

The Cuticle layer of this hair is still healthy and intact since it is rare for indian girls to visit hair salons for chemical treatment. Weaving the hair into a plait ensures that it is all aligned in one direction. The hair homogeneous in color and thickness. This precious and high quality hair provides the best solution for high-quality wigs & hair extensions.

The Majority of the Remy Hair is collected from the Temples only. Women tonsure their hair – as an offering to the God. This practice is a very ancient tradition with more than 5000 years of Hindu and Hindustan history and has deep connection with the religion and Philosophy.

The Whole Idea of tonsuring at temples and the reason for offering hair to the God is that he or she is willing to sacrifice their beauty by removing of their Hair – which is their most valuable and possessive belonging. Hair reflects your consciousness whether you are comfortable with who you are and how you look.

Because of its same genetic the basic structure of Indian hair is very similar to that of softness of European hair. These Natural Indian hairs are processed and manufactured into all internationally known colors, pre-bond keratin extensions and in weft (sewed) hair extensions. As per world study 80% natural hair used in all over the world to make high grade extensions and wigs/toupees are from INDIA, THE HINDUSTAN, LAND OF HINDUS